ASA was created to provide only one thing. High quality, fast and economical product approval certification for
manufacturers, importers and distributors of electrical items for Australian and New Zealand markets.

Our services are available to Australian and international companies and are performed by well-known names in the electrical safety and certification industry.

Our Certificates are recognised throughout Australia and New Zealand under various product safety Legislation and Acts governing the sale and approval of electrical items.

Australian Safety Approval is registered under the JASANZ Product Certification Scheme to ISO guide 65 for issuing product safety approval certificates under Australian and New Zealand product safety legislation and is gazetted under New South Wales law as a recognised external approvals scheme.

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Each Australian State and New Zealand has enacted electrical safety legislation to ensure electrical equipment that is hired or sold is electrically safe. Essential safety requirements for Australia & New Zealand are referenced within AS/NZS 3820.

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RCM (Regulatory Compliance Mark), a brief guide to Electrical equipment approvals in Australia

From March 2013, the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC) in Australia introduced a new Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS).