Prepare Documents

  • Accredited Test Report (mandatory) 
  • User manual/ Installation Guide (mandatory)
  • Clear photos (if not clear in Test Report)
  • Rating label (if not clear in Test Report)
  • Safety-Critical Component List (if not supplied in Test Report)
  • Declaration letter of product identity where the application includes model numbers different to those in the test reports.
  • Current appropriate Australian/New Zealand certificate information i.e. certificate number or copy of the certificate of all declared article components used e.g. plug, supply cord, appliance connector (if not already listed in the critical component list).
  • A letter of authorisation where the application is made by an agent on behalf of the applicant, signed by the applicant (proposed certificate holder).

Complete our Online Application Form and provide documents in Step 1 via email to info@australiansafetyapproval.com or alternatively complete and email our PDF application form


An invoice will be issued to either the Certificate holder or agent, on receipt of the application form and associated documents. Payment is required to be made prior to the assessment commencing. See our fees page for more info


Certificate will be issued in 4-5 days (subject to compliance and required documentation). Sample of Certificate of declared article, or certificate of suitability


ASA will upload Certificates of Approval to the EESS Database at no extra cost.

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